Transatlantic New York to Lorient

March 30, 2024
Team Coboaters

Transatlantic New York to Lorient, France

Cross the Atlantic under sail, leaving the mythical city of New York and reaching Lorient, France one of the most vibrant port city in Europe via Saint-Pierre & Miquelon.  It is an unusual route we choose to describe here.

The sailboat is Challenge 67 monohull. She was built in the 90s to take part in the BT Global Challenge, the crewed round-the-world race against the prevailing winds.

Departing from New York, the transatlantic we describe here was done with 2 professional sailors on a yacht perfectly prepared for Ocean Crossing and racing and long-distance sailing. Crew have every chance of enjoying this adventure under the best possible conditions and they took part in maneuvers, night watches and life on board.

Why Choose a Transatlantic between New York and Lorient, France?

  • A mythical route!
    Transatlantic from New York to Lorient was the route used by traditional ships in the past
  • Sail on a 21 m cruising racing yacht.
    Designed for the BT Global Challenge, the crewed race around the world in headwinds.
  • Supervised by 2 professional skippers.
    The permanent team is made up of two professional skippers, Capitaine 2000
  • A dream setting for developing your skills.
    Crew takes part in all aspects on board: helming, trimming, day and night watches, life on board…
  • 28 days in total
  • 1 stopover in Saint-Pierre & Miquelon

The itinerary for the Atlantic crossing

Welcome on the first day around 6pm. Crew helps with the final phase of preparing the vessel for the one-stop Atlantic Crossing, including stowing the supplies on board. People are welcomed by the preparation team and attend the safety briefing. Set sail the following morning.

The first few tacks are necessary to find the bearings, begin to tame the Challenge 67 and get to know other mates on board. You’ll soon be heading North towards Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon.

The first objective of this Transat is to reach Saint-Pierre & Miquelon. Allow 6 to 7 days’ from New York. This first part of the offshore passage gives everyone the time to get to grips with the second chapter of this transatlantic. The stopover in Saint-Pierre is a great experience in itself.

A well-deserved stopover and the last stage before setting off across the Atlantic Ocean. This stopover in Saint-Pierre & Miquelon takes you back to the days of the great sailing discoveries and fishing campaigns of the last century. An opportunity to recharge batteries, stock up on fresh produce and share a drink or two with your companions.

Welcome to your new life! In front of you, the Old Continent, history, good food, wine and friends. But before that, you’ll need 15 days at sea to cross the Atlantic ocean. Crew takes turns at the helm, maneuvering, navigating, keeping the log and living life on board, while enjoying some magical moments.

Land in sight! Tis the end of your Transat. You’re almost there, and already emotions are running wild, between the excitement of returning to dry land after more than 20 days in total on the ocean. The surroundings are changing: the sea, the wildlife, the smells, the noises are increasingly demanding your senses. Will you arrive by day or by night?

Back to life on land, with the head full of images, stories and anecdotes about this ocean crossing You’ve just completed a crewed transatlantic crossing from New York! You’re sure to impress a lot of people at the harbor café!

Most people try to enjoy France and Europe before returning home or before continuing their journey.


A yacht designed for offshore Ocean Passages

A 21m (67 feet) vessel, one of fourteen built for the BT Global Challenge, the crewed round-the-world race against the prevailing winds. The majority of these boats still sail the world’s oceans today. This large monohull is an extremely seaworthy, one-design cruising yacht.

Main characteristics

  • Monohull type
  • Model Challenge 67
  • Shipyard Devonport Yachts Ltd.
  • Length 20.42m
  • Passenger capacity 10
  • Number of cabins 4
  • Number of bathrooms 2
  • Flybridge No
  • Aft cockpit(s)
  • Air conditioning No
  • Watermaker No

Life on Board during the Transatlantic

  • Professional skippers : 2 professional sailors fluent in English
  • Experts in sailing ships and familiar with offshore experience
  • Capacity 8 to 10 crew + 2 skippers

Crew life on a demanding sailboat

This kind of Transat is for sailors, not for passengers! On board, everyone participates in the smooth running of the boat. Each person is involved in various tasks: maneuvering, cooking, washing up, weather forecasting…

Remember that this yacht was designed for racing:

  • There is no autopilot or furling system.
  • Sleeping accommodation is in individual bunks (2-person cabins).
  • There is no watermaker (but a 1200 L water tank), nor air conditioning/heating on board.

An  Offshore Transat: A great opportunity for training

  • Training in the techniques required to be autonomous,
  • Safety training (technical handling of the yacht, specific maneuvers),
  • Navigation training (charting, weather anticipation, tides and currents, logbook follow-up, use of onboard electronics, etc.) and night navigation on watch.
  • Training in boating maneuvers (trimming, reefing, etc.),

Discover the life during an Offshore Ocean Passage

Take full advantage of all the different aspects of life on board:

  • Observe marine life (whales, dolphins, flying fish, dolphinfish),
  • Experience maritime life: stopovers, cargo and ferry cruises, and meet other sailboats,
  • Witness numerous sunsets and sunrises,
  • Cross paths with many clouds and waves.
  • Live by the rhythm of the watches,
  • Learn to sleep, lulled to sleep by the movements of the yacht as it sails.
  • Share this experience with other people on board,
  • Eenjoy a unique experience that most sailors only dream of!
  • Learn how to prepare your duffel bag for atlantic crossing and ocean passage


Hold a valid passport for the entire duration of your embarkation and stay in Europe. Check Visa requirements to enter Europe and France.

Boarding scheduled for 6:00 pm from the marina: One°15 Brooklyn Marina.

Disembarkation scheduled in Lorient, France. Accessible from the French railway (SNCF) train station. Visit SNCF Connect for more information.

Make an appointment with your doctor to obtain a certificate of no contraindication to crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat.

Course duration and stopovers subject to weather conditions. Arrival date is an estimate only. Do not book or make appointments on days close to the approximate arrival date.

For more information, please contact COBOATERS 

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March 30, 2024
Team Coboaters

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