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Coboaters is a sailing community aiming to bring boaters together and offer new opportunities on the water – but there’s so much more to it!

Why is a notice the best way to connect boats and crew on Coboaters.

The inspiration behind Coboaters is something you may have seen at your local yacht club or marina, and that you may be very familiar with – a notice board. You can read and find notices with our search tool. You can do basic searches but also advanced searches by defining many parameters such as type […]


February 26, 2022

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Take advantage of the vacations to spend time on boat

Updated: May 27, 2022 is a passport to new boating adventures for curious and sociable enthusiasts. Take advantage of your vacations to spend time on the water thanks to! is the network of boater’s enthusiasts: crew members and boat owners who sail all over the world. By becoming a member of the club, […]


January 4, 2022

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