Take advantage of the vacations to spend time on boat

January 4, 2022
Team Coboaters

Updated: May 27, 2022

Coboaters.com is a passport to new boating adventures for curious and sociable enthusiasts.

Take advantage of your vacations to spend time on the water thanks to coboaters.com!

Coboaters.com is the network of boater’s enthusiasts: crew members and boat owners who sail all over the world. By becoming a member of the club, you can find boaters everywhere! Exciting, isn’t it?

Example of notices published on Coboaters. Boat looking for crew.

For example, why not spend weekends on a sailboat in New England, California or Florida or the Caribbeans?

Soon, with the the development of Coboaters network, we hope to offer many opportunities in Canada, the US and Central America and later on all over the world.

If you are tempted by the great adventure, but need to be convinced, read Elizabeth’s interview, a Canadian who spent 4 months co-boating in 2021.

There are many benefits of co-boating :

– You can meet experienced captain and often other crew members,

– You explore or discover new regions or countries,

– You discover new boats,

– You gain experience as a crew member (this is an excellent way to confirm what you learned in sailing school)

This crew looks very happy!

How does coboaters work?

Coboaters is not a travel agency! If you wish to take advantage of your vacations to co-boat on a sailboat, a great experience awaits you, but it requires preparation! You must spend time talking with the owner of the boat to understand his sailing project and his goals.

You will have to coordinate departure and arrival places, organize your transportation to the meeting place, agree on the amount of the expenses that you can share. You will be able to know the captain thanks to coboaters profiles and boat description. Take advantage of the website messaging system to start a conversation with him. There are dozens of opportunities available to you on Coboaters.

To spend a nice vacation boating together, here is how to proceed:

  1. Use the Coboaters website, visit the boat owner’s profile and also his boat description. You will become aware of his human and maritime qualities and expereinces and the boat characteristics. Read testimonials that other crew members published.

  2. If you agree to sail with this captain, we advise you to contact him. Use the Coboaters website to send private messages and to quickly organize a telephone call or a visio call.

  3. Finally, get ready to jump on board but be mindful of the risks. For example, if a damage occurs on the boat the day before your arrival, or if the weather is bad, it is possible that the program will be changed. Don’t forget that when you co-boat, you share good time but also the misfortunes of the boat owner. It is important to differentiate between co-boating, which is sharing a boat with other passionate people, and a paid cruise with professional skipper.

    Nice day on a boat – Start of a great sailing adventure
January 4, 2022
Team Coboaters

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