Best Sailing Quotes of all time

July 15, 2024
Team Coboaters

Best Sailing quotes and mariners Quotes

Discover the best sailors and sailing quotes and mariners sayings. We often hear mariners quotes, sailing words, and proverbs from famous and unknown sailors, navigators, explorers about the ocean, the sea, their vessels, their sailing journeys or their adventures. The best mariners and sailors or sailing quotes you will find here are inspiring or funny but they all refer to a passion shared by boating enthusiasts all over the world. We also include maritime and sailing proverbs from different time and civilizations.

We decided to share them with our readers and sailors friends because they are inspiring and often tell in a few words sailors and boat lovers feel or experience at sea. Along with each quote we also indicate who the writer is and a a little bit of their accomplishment.

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We classified those quotes in different categories:

  • Mariners and Sailing quotes from famous sailors
  • Quotes and sayings from writers or artists
  • Marine quotes from famous people (boat designers, scientists,
  • Mariners and sailing quotes from anonymous individuals.

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1- Mariners and Sailing Quotes from famous sailors

“You do not ask a tame seagull why it needs to disappear from time to time toward the open sea.” Bernard Moitessier – Famous Sailor and adventurer- Circumnavigator in The Long Way (published in 1971)

Joshua, the 13m sailboat owned by Bernard Moitessier and his sailing quote
Bernard Moitessier Sailboat is named Joshua


“There is not better tool or equipment you can have on board than a well-trained crew”. Larry Pardey, Cruiser Larry Pardey lived at sea with his wife, Lin for more than 25 years.

Sailing saying and quote from Larry Parley, a famous skipper: There is no better tool or equipment you can have on board than a well-trained crew"

Sail more so you can create your own quote after your experience.

Learn the best way to sail even if you do not have a boat.

“I wanted to win not as a woman, but at equal terms with all skippers.” Kirsten Neuschafer. Famous woman sailor. The first female sailor to win a circumnavigation race, the Golden Globe 2022.

Kirsten Neuschafer quote after she won the around the world race.

“Spinnakers are perfect in lighter airs and flatter seas for crew to handle…” Unknown writer

A sailor with a spinnaker in the background and a mariners quote about spinnakers
Spinnaker is good for downwind sail

“If we can’t decarbonate shipping, we can’t solve the climate crisis” Chritiaan de Beukelear

“On the 8th day, God created RUM to prevent sailors from taking over the world”

Black and white image: An old mariner smiling with a pint of rum in his hand
A funny quote. Rum was traditionally the favorite drink of many sailors and pirates. Please drink responsibly.

2- Sailing quotes from Famous writers or artists

“Anchor as though you plan to stay for weeks, even if you plan to stay for one hour” Tommy Moran, American artist

Sailors quote from famous artist


“I want a boat that drinks six, eats four, sleeps two.” Ernest Kellog Gann (1910-1991) American Aviator, Author, Sailor, and conservationist.

Sailors quote from famous writer


“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” – Confucius, Chinese Philosopher


Sailing quote from Confucius. A man standing in in front of a sailboat.


“How inappropriate it is to call this planet earth when clearly it is sea” Arthur C. Clarke, English science fiction writer and undersea explorer.

Female diver with coral and a sailing quote

“The lovely thing about cruising is that planning turns out to be of little use.” Dom Degnon, Yacht broker and freelance writer.

Sailing quote from Dom

“Everybody in the 15th century Spain was wrong about where China was and as a result, Columbus discovered Caribbean vacations!” P.J. O’Rourke.

Sailors quote with classic boat background and Coboaters logo.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end.” Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway, the writer or the Old man and the Sea was sea lover.

“I need the sea because it teaches me” Pablo Neruba

“Free man, you will always cherish the sea!” Charles Beaudelaire, French poet of the nineteenth century

“When a man comes to like a sea life, he is not fit to live on land.” Dr Samula Johnson, 18th century writer.

3- Marine quotes from famous sailors and mariners

“Prevention is, as in other aspects of seamanship, better than cure”. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. British sailor, the first person to perform a non-stop single-handed circumnavigation of the globe.

Knox-Johnson sailing quote: Prevention is, as other aspects of seamanship, better than cure". Sailboat in the background

“The cabin of a small yacht is truly a wonderful thing; not only will it shelter you from a tempest, but from the other troubles in life, it is a safe retreat” Francis Herreshoff.

“Sailboat racing becomes a game of chance only when you are not prepared” Buddy Melges.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

“Red Sky in the morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailors’ delight.” Ancient mariners


A sailor is an artist whose medium is the wind” Webb Chiles, American sailor, poet, and explorer who has circumnavigated the globe five times.

For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; In this century he is starting to realize that, in order to survive he has to protect it.” Jacques-Yves Cousteau in the 20th Century

I wanted open air, adventures, I found it on the sea” Alain Gerbault

To young men contemplating a voyage, I would say, Go!” Joshua Slocum, the first person to sail single-handedly around the world.

Famous sailing quote from Joshua Slocum

“The days pass happily with me wherever my ship sails” Joshua Slocum

Joshua Slocum saying: " the days pass happily with me whenever my ship sails"

Mariners quotes from anonymous writers

Land was created for boats to visit!

A Sailboat that sails backward can never see the sunrise

“To reach a port we must set sail – sail, not tie at anchor; sail not drift” Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Your autopilot may be your best crew but it will never be your best friend!”

“The sooner we learn how to be jointly responsible, the easier the sailing will be” Ella Maillart, Swiss adventurer, Sportwoman. Early 1900.

“Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.” Van Morrison Irish Singer – Songwriter

“There are three sorts of people: those who are alive, those who are dead, and those who are at sea” Aristotle – Greek philosopher 384-322 BC

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July 15, 2024
Team Coboaters

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