What are the benefits for Coboaters members?

November 5, 2021
Team Coboaters

Coboaters is an online sailing club, a community for boating enthusiasts, crew seekers and boat owners. It is a network to find a boat, find a crew and to make the most of your boating season. Members share boating experience and spend time on the water together. They find their best crew or best skippers. Boats owners can find a crew for any type of event such as races, coastal cruise, offshore passage, fishing trips. Crewmembers can choose the best boating opportunity with the right skipper profile and boat. CoBoaters focuses on marine skills, experience and goals as well as making new friends onboard.

What are the benefits to become a Coboaters member?

Our mission at Coboaters is to allow boaters to share their passion for boating and enjoy time on the water together. Our goal is to provide a friendly environment to make new friends, connect, help, and learn from other boaters and most importantly, enjoy boating together anytime and anywhere!

Crewmember benefits: Opportunities at a glance

Members of Coboaters.com can meet Skippers who offer boating opportunities. The website lists important information such as Boat descriptions and Skippers profiles, Boating events posted by Skippers with every possible details (such as port of departure and destinations, and dates). CoBoaters members sail from any location – lakes, rivers, oceans, blue water or coastal cruises. It’seasy to find opportunities thanks to a very efficient search engine. You can find the right friends per region, port of departure, destinations, or type of boats. Once you become part of the Coboaters club, you can chat online with other members and post feedback and photos.

Boat owner benefits: Make the most of your boating life

Coboaters allow boat owners to make the most of their boating life. Thanks to Coboaters, owners will never stay onshore because they will always find the right crew for their boating plans. You can easily communicate with your crew via the website’s messaging system. Browse and share boat descriptions and sailor profiles easily and efficiently. Through CoBoaters, you can sail with people like you looking for the same type of on-the-water experience.

All types of boat owners are welcome on Coboaters: power boaters, sailors, racers, delivery skippers and more! Coboaters is a great sailing and boating network.

Getting Started on Coboaters: How It Works

CoBoaters share a passion for being on the water, sailing with friends, connecting with new people and honing their sailing skills. Members of the CoBoaters website offers unique and efficient ways to make the most of your boating life! On our platform, you will be able to…

  • Showcase your marine experience and skills on your Marine Profile

  • Browse Boating Opportunities matching your share of their sailing goals – such as coastal cruising, day or weekend cruise, evening races, fishing trips, and beyond!

  • For Skippers: Plan and organize a Boating Event by posting a Notice and your Boat Description

  • Connect with fellow Boaters, leave reviews, and guarantee a fun and safe boating experience every time!

    Here is how it works.

    Create your boater profile

    Creating a Profile is easy! Answer all the questions on the sign-up form, then tell us about your boating goals are and the type of co-boating experiences you’re looking for. We recommend answering all the questions – it will help you find the perfect fit for your next boating event!

    If you are a boat owner, describe your boat as best as you can. Including photos is always a good idea! Creating a profile will allow you to browse other members’ profiles, boat descriptions and Notices posted by other members. If you want to communicate with a member or use the boating event Planner, you need to become a member.

    Meet Fellow Coboaters

    Once your profile is created, browse and search for other members. You can use the search engine to find a Crewmate, a Skipper, or a boating Event. You will find hundreds of boating enthusiasts like you and plenty of nautical outing opportunities. So climb aboard!

    Post your Notice on the Bulletin Board

    The Bulletin Board is the most powerful feature of the CoBoaters online Co-boating club. Posting a Notice allows you to search for either a crewmember or a skipper for any boating event. Fill up the form, describe what you’re looking for and tell other boaters about your boat, experience, availability, navigation zone, and more. The Notice will then be posted on the Bulletin Board and will appear in search results. You can post as many Notices as you like! If you own a boat, you can post Notices as either a Skipper or a Crewmember if you want to co-boat with others or in a different navigation zone.

    Plan Your Boating Season

    Tired of communicating with each crewmember separately to organize an event? Well, that’s all behind you. The Boating Event Planner is a platform that allows you to access your custom co-boating Calendar and Crew Listing. Authorized Crewmembers can gain access to the Listing and confirm their availability. The platform also boasts its own messaging system. You can post messages and communicate easily with the skipper and all your Crewmembers participating in an event. Now everyone is on the same page, and in the same boat!

    Club members benefits in a nutshell:

November 5, 2021
Team Coboaters

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