Why coboaters connect sailors better than Facebook

November 16, 2023
Team Coboaters

You may be wondering why sign up for Coboaters . After all, it is another profile to create, more forms to fill out, a new platform to get used to and check regularly. And you also may be wondering why coboaters connect sailors better than Facebook.

  • Is Coboaters easy to use or not?
  • How long it takes to create your profile?
  • Will it get the job done when you may already have a Facebook profile and groups?

Why coboaters connect sailors better than Facebook?

In this post, we will tell you why exactly a crew finder website like coboaters can perform better than Facebook.

What is Coboaters?

Coboaters is a co-boating club that now brings together hundreds of users. It is a sailing network than connect sailors better than Facebook. Specifically, it is an online platform that allows boaters to connect and contact each other. Boat owners can offer boating opportunities, crewmembers can publish boarding requests, and crews can be assembled: this is co-boating.

With many loyal members attracted to the quality and efficiency of our platform, Coboaters is a leader in the co-boating arena. It is the perfect tool for crew seekers.

We connect sailors together

Coboaters is not a transportation service. It is a unique and efficient way to meet other boating enthusiasts and get on the water together.
So what did motivate our members to join? Find a crew and/or Find a boat.
  • Boat owners find available and enthusiastic crew members who can help share navigation costs

  • Those who do not own boats can connect with boat owners and potential new friends who invite them aboard to enjoy a boating event together

  • And for all members – endless opportunities to get on the water in the most budget-friendly way!


The perks of joining Coboaters: Quality and service

Coboaters allows boating enthusiasts to sail together because there is a team behind the scenes working hard to ensure that members of the club find what they are looking for. Coboaters’ job is to help our members go sailing and boating more often. This is what it is like on a daily basis:

  • Our team approves 100% of notices posted, seven days a week, after double-checking they are legal and optimized offers so that users can get answers as soon as possible.

  • After a notice is posted, our team sends tailored advice to help find crewmembers or boating opportunities in connection matching the user’s requirements.

  • Newsletters are sent to club members to keep them updated on our latest offers and notices posted on the website

  • Our team also manages an email hotline provided by our team to help you solve any issues you may encounter with the platform, even on weekends

  • Each user review is approved by a moderator before being published on the website

  • The website is regularly updated so it always works at peak performance, and ensures an efficient and user-friendly experience

Three smiling sailors on a sailboat.
Happy sailors connected thanks to coboaters

The disadvantages of  Facebook groups vs crew finder websites

Who has ever found sailing opportunities via Facebook? Of course, there is a very lucky coincidence that could make this happen, a one-in-a-million chance.

But how many posts are actually available on Facebook? Are they still valid? Can you sort them by departure area, port of departure, and date? Do you have enough information about the personality and skills of the sailor to be able to engage with them? Do you know enough about their boat? How do you know these are safe and trustworthy people and vessels? Does Facebook offer a reviewing system to rate co-browsers and ensure their reliability? Does Facebook moderate posts and check how legal and secure they are? There iss only one answer to all these questions is no!

Facebook’s job is to advertise and exploit your personal data as much as it can while barely staying within the confines of the law. And if you cannot find what you need through Facebook, can you ask a hotline for help? Well, you sure can try! 

On the other hand, We at Coboaters make it our mission get all members an opportunity to go boating, and that changes everything.


bank note folder like a boat

Why Crew finder websites are not free?

Social networks rely on advertising for income. We do not. We actually pay a team to ensure a high-quality, safe and efficient service that is meant specifically for boating enthusiasts everywhere.

Our membership price is very affordable

and cheaper than any boat club, both brick-and-mortar and our online competitors. This is so we can ensure both top platform performance with the help of our committed team, and a budget-friendly way for boating enthusiasts to keep enjoying their favorite hobby, which can be costly enough as is.
So where does your money go? Not into advertisers or a social media companies pockets. It goes straight into your next boating experience!

Yes, and this is actually the first step to joining the club. When you create your profile, it initially gains an Observer status. This status allows you to access 100% of the site except for the contact details of other members. This way, you can check for yourself that the club really does meet your expectations.

We even took our trials one step further and you can even post a notice to check whether your crewmember profile or boating event catches other member eyes. Of course, if you do want to contact these new people who would like to go boating or sailing with you, you will need to subscribe to a full membership.

Canadian coin with a historic sailboat
Canadian coin with a historic sailboat
So climb aboard : We look forward to meeting you there!
November 16, 2023
Team Coboaters

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