Coboaters app: How to get it on smartphone

November 4, 2022
Team Coboaters

Many Internet users search for “Coboaters app” . The answer is : there is currently no application for the website But there is a good news, the site is 100% compatible with all smartphones because we invested in an innovative technology called “responsive design”.

The Coboaters app: How to get it on smartphone

 Coboaters format is compatible with all portable devices like your laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can use Coboaters almost like an app and create a shortcut on your device home page. It is easy and very convenient. Coboaters will look and can be used exactly like an app.

This articles explains the Coboaters app: How to get it on smartphone? How to create a shortcut on your Apple or Android devices.


There are a few very simple steps to add Coboaters application to your Home screen:

1- Use SAFARI to go to and click on the icon at the bottom

2- Click Add at the top right

3- Choose Add to Home Screen

4- The Coboaters shortcut is ready!

 Screenshots of smartphone to show the 4 steps to create a shortcut to Coboaters on your I-phone


It is as easy as the I-phone process. Few steps to follow:

1- Go to and click on the three dots … on the top right

2- Choose Add to Home Screen

3- Confirm the name of the app

4- Choose Add

5- Shortcut is ready

We hope this article helps and that you will be able to easily access

Please contact us if you need assistance.

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November 4, 2022
Team Coboaters

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