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An online Sailing Network with hundreds of members.

Coboaters is a sailing community aiming to bring boaters together and offer new opportunities on the water – but there’s so much more to it! It was launched in Jan2021 with the unique goal of connecting boating enthusiasts together. Boat owners share their boats and crew share their time and talents. Together they sail more and better.

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What is a Crew Finder? How Does It Work?

How does a crew finder network work?

One of the best way to answer these questions is to ask people, experienced sailors or beginners what they think about a crew finder? We put together here below some testimonials and interviews of Coboaters members. They explain how they found crew or boats within the sailing community.

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Logos of YouTube channel about liveaboard sailboats videos
Liveaboard Sailboats! 8 things YouTube did not tell you

Liveaboard Sailboats! 8 things YouTube do not tell you Considering a liveaboard sailboat? While YouTube paints a picturesque picture, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Here are eight things you might not have considered, gleaned from the experiences of Captain Mark and Sharon Noneman, who have lived aboard the 48-foot catamaran […]


May 14, 2024

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Crew finder websites became the best way to find crew for sailing enthusiasts
Crew Finder Websites: Why Schedule Your Next Cruise?

Crew Finder Websites: Why Schedule Your Next Cruise? In a world where cruising is no longer just a vacation, but a shared adventure, crew finder platforms like Coboaters play a crucial role. By facilitating co-boating, they open the doors of the seas and oceans to those who dream of nautical adventures, whether novices or seasoned […]


May 13, 2024

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Classic Gaff Schooner – The Great Comeback

Classic Gaff Schooner and Captain Bernard- The Great Comeback The Schooner past and future adventures Do you like great stories about classic boats, sailing vessels and schooners in particular? This article tells the amazing story of a Classic Gaff Schooner Calisto V and Captain Bernard. It is an incredible project that should bring the schooner […]


May 10, 2024

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Transatlantic New York to Lorient

Transatlantic New York to Lorient, France A unique Transatlantic offer! Cross the Atlantic under sail, leaving the mythical city of New York and sailing to Lorient France one of the most vibrant port city in Europe via Saint-Pierre & Miquelon. A never-before-seen program! Turnkey transatlantic on a Challenge 67 monohull. The Challenge 67 was built […]


March 30, 2024

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Benefits of online sailing clubs
Top benefits of Online Sailing Clubs for crew and boat owners

Top benefits of Online Sailing Clubs for crew and boat owners What are Online Sailing Clubs? What benefits will you get? Why would you want to join a sailing club or a boating organization online? We separated the benefits of online boating clubs in 3 categories:  Benefits for the public in general Overall, online sailing […]


February 6, 2024

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Why is Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show so great?

The Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show is organized every end of April – beginning of May since 1970 at the City Dock, Annapolis, MD. It was the first in-water sailboat show in the country. In water shows are great, they gives boaters the opportunity to board the boats and inspect every details. All major brands are […]


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Silenseas sailing boat is another new wind powered ship for passengers
New Wind-Powered Cargo ships: The future of marine transportation?

Wind-powered cargo ships: The future of marine transportation? New technology uses good old-fashioned wind to power giant cargo vessels. New wind-powered cargo vessels are built in different parts of the world. There are numerous very interesting initiatives, innovative solutions, a lot of research and developments. Those innovative new sail technologies move large vessels on all […]


January 29, 2024

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Best Sailing Quotes of all time

Best Sailing quotes and mariners Quotes Discover the best sailing quotes and mariners sayings. We often hear mariners quotes, sailing words, and proverbs from famous and unknown sailors about the ocean, the sea, their vessels, their sailing journeys or their adventures. The best mariners and sailors or sailing quotes you will find here are inspiring […]


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3 top benefits of sailing

3 Top benefits of sailing A lot of people love sailing and they enjoy being on sailboats anywhere, on the sea, lakes or sometimes even on rivers. So why do people love sailing so much. What are the 3 top benefits of the sport of sailing? Physical fitness Stress Relief Teamwork and Communication We detail […]


January 17, 2024

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How To Find A Crew Or A Boat? How To Sail More?

The best solution to sail more and enhance your sailing experiences is to join a crew finder club like Coboaters. These clubs provide an ideal platform to connect with like-minded sailing enthusiasts and experienced crew members. By joining such a club, you can access a diverse range of sailing opportunities, from casual day trips to adventurous voyages. The networking opportunities and shared knowledge within the club will not only expand your sailing horizons but also foster lasting friendships with fellow sailors. Embrace the spirit of camaraderie and embark on unforgettable sailing journeys with Coboaters.

We connect boating enthusiasts together, crew, skippers and captains, beginners and experienced sailors anywhere in the world and especially in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean).

Joining a crew seeker club offers more sailing opportunities, connects you with experienced sailors, and fosters a supportive sailing community.

We connect boating enthusiasts together, crew, skippers and captains, beginners and experienced sailors anywhere in the world and especially in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean).

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