Why Is Coboaters Better?

May 12, 2022
Team Coboaters

Is Coboaters Better than other Crew Finder Websites?

There are many websites that may allow you to find a crew or find a boat and to connect with other sailors. But Coboaters is better than most of them. In this article we explain why and how .

The 5 main Coboaters advantages:

  1. Use friendly and social media-like features
  2. Unique management tool
  3. Detailed sailing resumes and boats descriptions
  4. Reviews, feedback and testimonials
  5. Managed by Sailors for Sailors

To learn more, you can also compare crew finder websites.

1- User friendly and social media-like features

Coboaters.com offers an accessible, high-quality, and innovative platform for crews, boat owners and skippers. The website boasts a user-friendly interface and combines efficient organization and communication tools for both skippers, crew and every boating enthusiast with the added benefits of social media-like features to provide a unique online boating community experience. It is the best way to build you sailing network and to meet fellow boaters.

2- Crew management tool

Coboaters superior functionality also offers users additional benefits that extend beyond simply finding a crew, finding a boat or finding boating opportunities. In addition, our website also provides skippers with the convenient and unique crew management feature, allowing them to easily manage and communicate with all crewmembers participating in a boating event. Crewmembers can also leave behind the stress of keeping up with updates from their skipper and help plan their next boating event together, all in one place.

From socializing with fellow boating enthusiasts to organizing your next regatta or offshore passage, Coboaters has it all.

Looking forward for great sailing adventures!

3- Detailed Sailing Resumes and Boat descriptions

Coboaters.com features sailor and boater profiles, allowing each member to showcase their marine skills, experiences and goals. Boat profiles allow owners to describe their vessel, upload photos and describe their past cruises and boating events onboard a specific vessel. Throughout the website, both crewmembers and skippers will thus be able to easily and conveniently connect and communicate with one another regarding their sailing experiences.

Coboaters is a platform that allows you to connect with other boating enthusiasts and their vessels while showcasing your own skills and experience, but there is more as we aim to make it an especially safe and reliable online boating platform.

4- Reviews, feedback and testimonials

Considering the nature of some sailing opportunities which may require interaction and remote travel with individuals that users do not personally know, a superior rating system is essential. Coboaters will thus be able to not only connect, but also review each other after a shared boating event. This provides a sure sense of reliability and security, enabling sailors to establish the legitimacy, safety, and dependability of other users. This is a particularly critical function currently not offered in such a capacity by other competitors, but we at Coboaters have decided to make it a priority to ensure safe and enjoyable boating experiences.

Coboaters provides users with a wealth of other resources, such as blogs and newsletters related to the boating industry that will feature sailing tips, webinars, and online forums.

5- Managed by Sailors to Sailors

Coboaters will distinguish itself as a supportive, reliable, friendly and safe community, bringing together both competitive and recreational boat lovers, and anyone who enjoys spending time on the water. We hope you are as excited to join us as we are!

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May 12, 2022
Team Coboaters

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