Looking for a partner? Is Coboaters.com, a dating website?

September 1, 2021
Team Coboaters

Updated: May 30, 2022

We received this message some time ago:

“Hello Team Coboaters,

I do not want to be a Coboaters member anymore because I met a charming sailor who became my companion. He owns a beautiful boat that allows us to spend fantastic times in Florida (Thank you!). I would like to delete my profile for good. Again, thank you for the friendliness of your Coboaters site! “

When we say that “very nice encounters” take place every year on the site, the eyes of our members light up. And yes, to think that some people find love on a site like Coboaters makes you smile, but is it surprising? Let us answer this question.

Are couples formed on Coboaters.com?

Every year, people tell us they found their companion thanks to Coboaters.com. It is very hard to count how many couples are formed but we can tell you it is a very small number compared to the number of users. But we are happy for them, for all of them.

Can you meet the right person on Coboaters?

Let’s face it, Coboaters.com intent is NOT to be a dating web site. However, it is a good place to meet people that share your passion. If you are looking for a romantic relationship you can probably find the right person on Coboaters. We offer a very detailed profile questionnaire, and you can clearly state if you are open to a romantic relationship. You can also refuse to be in contact with people who are looking for this kind of relationship. So yes, you can find the right person but you can also make sure you spend time on board with people that do not look for romantic relationship.

How are the notices verified and published?

Our team of moderators verify each notice before it is published. They check that there is no aggressive or inappropriate content. They also check messages and we utilize AI to verify that content remains correct. Of course, we cannot guaranty that everything is perfect, but you can be reassure that we take pride in keeping a very good spirit between members.

What shall you do if you want to meet someone?

Our advice for single boat owners is the following:

  • Do not hide your intention,

  • Try to be on board with male and female crew at the same time,

  • Prioritize people that look like you. Their profile shall hep you know them better even before you board.

  • Spend as much time as possible on the site and communicate as best as you can.

You will meet people within groups of friends. Isn’t the best way and the most fun way to meet your soul mate?

To illustrate our point, here is the testimonial of a female member:

“I sailed 170 days in one year on 15 different boats both with couples and single men. There was only one rule: I was the one who made the first move, and I chose the boat I sailed on. I contacted single men or couples. Most of the time, being alone on board with a single man is not easy especially for the first boating experience. Finally, I met my companion during a long cruise where he was a crew member like me.”

Why do some female member feel that they are always contacted by single men?

As stated above, Cobaoters is not a dating site. Therefore, boat owners who are only looking for a female companion receive few contacts requests and messages. They take the liberty to contact more people including single women exactly because they do not receive that many requests,

Therefore a female crew member who has illustrated her profile with a photo may have the (false) impression that many boat owners are looking only for a female companion. It is not he case.

Conclusion: Coboaters, a dating site?

Coboaters is not a dating site. However, it is the best way to go boating and meet boat lovers. Among these, there are certainly the soul mate for some our single members. Just like gyms or dance clubs, people meet, chemistry are created, and couples are formed around a common passion, sailing or boating.

If you are looking for a soul mate who can share your passion, just be yourself, spend time on boats and you will find the right person.

If you do not want any romantic relationship, just clearly state it in your profile. Don’t worry, Coboaters have a lot of people like you.

September 1, 2021
Team Coboaters

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