Liveaboard a Catamaran: Get ready!

January 24, 2022
Team Coboaters

Liveaboard a Catamaran: Get ready!

How did the liveaboard adventure started?


Greetings fellow Coboaters, crew seekers and boat owners. Welcome!

My name is Tom, my admiral and partner’s name is Kim. We are liveaboards and our boat’s name is Mojo. Mojo is a 2006 Admiral 38 Executive catamaran sailboat, built in South Africa. We are about to make the jump to the Bahamas for the winter from West Palm Beach, FL, hopefully within the next few weeks. We are starting a life on board this sailboat. But first we need to have a few repairs done, which I will talk about later in this post.


Liveaboard catamaran Mojo at a dock. View of the sailboat aft
Liveaboard catamaran Mojo


I have been asked to share our life a board for Coboaters so I will try to write an article on a regular basis and answer questions in between. If you like what you are reading, please like my articles. Your asking questions or offering solutions and hints will also help make this blog interesting and interactive. It will help keep me motivated to continue to share my sailing trips with you. There is a lot for Kim and I to write about, especially our latest adventure together as liveaboard sailors.

How to prepare to live a board a Catamaran?

Three years to execute a liveaboard dream 

For me, this dream took three years to execute and my sailboat search took almost two years, lots of trips up and down the US east coast, well over thirty boat viewings, five separate serious negotiations and three surveys before I finally had my new catamaran Mojo. So, as boat owner, I have lots of material just about this to share and talk about.

Many years to think about this sailing journey

My background is that of a life-long boater and sailor. I grew up on Long Island Sound, first on powerboats, then a combination of sailboats, mainly of monohulls. Although I still enjoy powerboats, I have spent the majority of my sea-time for the past forty years or so on sailboats.

I am a terrible fisherman although I still try. I used to be a fairly good skier and I am a certified scuba diver. I have raced sailboats competitively for the past fifty years. My last boat, also named Mojo, was a 1985 Beneteau First 325. It was a great family monohull cruiser and racer. I lived in Rhode Island for the past twenty five years and know Narragansett Bay and the surrounding waters from Block Island to Nantucket pretty well.

I have done a fair number of deliveries from Maine to Marathon, both outside and on the ICW. I can crew with others.

Liveaboard since last June

Now I am actually getting to visit places. I have been cruising full time since June when I sold my home. I spent two months in Maine this past summer, about three weeks on the Chesapeake when Kim joined me, a month in Wilmington NC and we have been in Florida since early December. We expect to stay in the Bahamas at least until late April and will then work our way back north again.

So, that’s my summary sailing background.

Captain Tom on his catamaran in the middle of the ocean with a big ship in the background
Tom on his catamaran in the middle of the ocean

Next liveaboard destination: The Bahamas but only after a few repairs

Earlier I mentioned I have a few repairs I need to make before Kim and I (skipper and crew) make our way to the Bahamas. Boats are like houses when you live on them, something always needs to be done. Although I think I am pretty handy around a boat, there are some things I just can not or will not do. First a confession; I am a dunce when it comes to electrical issues. I have no confidence and can barely read a multimeter. Others than flipping switches and breakers, looking for loose, frayed or broken wires, I do not know where to start or what I am looking for. So, I read books, which I do not seem to retain, watch YouTube videos, read articles and ask fellow boaters. Then I call the calvary. So I have three major/critical electrical projects and help with my water maker I need completed before we can leave:

Three major electrical projects before leaving to the Bahamas

  1. My Westerbeke 4KW generator runs but does nott generate. I have done as much troubleshooting as I can and am now waiting on a contractor for this one.
  2. There is no power going to the solar controller from my solar panels. I have tested the two Kyocera 140W panels and asked various people who know about solar. Their conclusion is the solar controller may be bad. So I have ordered a new Vectron 100/30 controller from Amazon and am awaiting delivery.
  3. I punched a hole in my Isotherm freezer evaporator coil and now I may need to replace the whole freezer unit (OUCH$$$$$$!). Waiting on a contractor for this one.
Tom at a table on board his catamaran. scratching his head in front of his laptop before living on board
Tom, It is not easy to understand electricity on board
As a result of the first two issues I am running my engines twice a day from three to five hours each time and never getting a full charge. So I am concerned I am destroying my battery bank of six golf cart batteries.

The fourth major project I have is to commission my water maker. I have now experience with water makers so I have a call in to the manufacturer to help me through this one.

Next liveaboard story….

So, over the next few weeks I will be writing about my prep for our jump to the Bahamas and how these projects are going. I hope you will make this an interactive discussion. Until next time, fair winds and following seas!


January 24, 2022
Team Coboaters

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